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The Baltimore Mutual Aid Society of Baltimore City was founded in 1882 by five businessmen. Frank Strobridge was elected president. The new company’s total assets were $260.93. At the time, most people looked to life insurance to avoid burial in a Potter’s Field, not to help a family deprived of a wage earner. Our first home office was a small brick building in downtown Baltimore, with the office located on the first floor. Even the president himself sometimes sold policies. Work went slowly, but it went well. And progress was made.

In 1900, the directors changed the name of the company to “The Baltimore Life Insurance Company of Baltimore City.” Later, during the dark days of the Great Depression, the company showed its faith in the future by demolishing its original four-story home office building and erecting a 12-story building in its place.

Since our company’s beginnings in that small brick building in Baltimore, our country has experienced the Great Depression, several recessions and two world wars. These events have left their mark on Baltimore Life and our policyholders. But through it all, we’ve survived, grown stronger and prospered.

Today, Baltimore Life insures more than 300,000 individuals, families and businesses in communities all across America. With our home office located in Owings Mills, Maryland, we operate in 49 states and the District of Columbia. We continue to deliver products and services that provide financial protection to the middle-income segment of the U.S. population.


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